Embed Fonts in PowerPoint


Something I look for from time to time.

It’s nice when we find a nice font for using in a presentation. It’s a little less nice when we share this presentation and it looks a mess, just because the font is not available in the other system.

It’s possible to embed the font in the saved file, so that everything will travel in the same package and be available everywhere.

It’s only possible to embed TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) fonts.

The gist of it is (with a recent version of PowerPoint):

  • File (top-left)
  • Options (near the bottom of the list)
  • Save (near the top of the list)
  • Embed fonts in the file (in section Font Embedding)

I usually don’t mind too much getting a big file, so I stick with embedding the whole font. You never know if some last-minute changes will be needed, so better safe than sorry.


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