Reinstalling R


A few notes about reinstalling R.

I’m following the excellent lectures Statistical Rethinking 2023 by Richard McElreath. They’re just… wow, although I definitely have some dust to remove (I hope the book will help along with the lectures).

To follow the examples and do the exercises, I decided to download and install R. I’m using Windows in this period, so it’s actually re-installing R, because I’ve used it in MacOS previously.

I got this so far:

At this point, I headed to rethinking, which implied:

Here I got stuck because apparently CmdStan (I don’t even know what it’s about) requires RTools version 4.2, or installing it via conda. I tried:

and it seems to have worked with the instructions:

check_cmdstan_toolchain(fix = TRUE, quiet = TRUE)
install_cmdstan(cores = 2)

Hopefully, support for RTools version 4.3 will be added soon, but in the meantime… Now on with:

At this point, as strange as it might seem… we’re done!

Stay safe and cheers!

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