Data::Resolver refactoring


Moving on with Data::Resolver.

It’s no secret that I had second thoughts about the initial interface of Data::Resolver (as already anticipated in Data::Resolver - trial release with OOP interface). At the moment, the module is in a mixed state, both supporting the old interface and the new (with a split in the implementation).

Some of the old interface is worth preserving, especially the support functions that do not rely on the overall interface assumptions. To avoid having double/diverging implementations, though, I think it’s better to implement the old interface by means of the new OOP approach, in particular by using the Data::Resolver::Asset interface.

This led to the updated implementation, revolving around the transform function which is a wrapper around the asset class:

sub data_to_fh   { ${transform($_[0], qw< data fh >)}          }
sub data_to_file { ${transform($_[0], qw< data file >, $_[1])} }

sub fh_to_data ($fh)          { ${transform($fh, qw< fh data >)}      }
sub fh_to_file ($fh, $kp = 0) { ${transform($fh, qw< fh file >, $kp)} }

sub file_to_data ($input) { ${transform($input, qw< file data >)} }
sub file_to_fh ($input)   { ${transform($input, qw< file fh >)}   }

The transform function always returns a reference… so there’s the ${transform(...)} indirection to get back to the actual thing.

Stay safe!

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