Tiny Epic Galaxies print-and-play dice


I made some origami dice for Tiny Epic Galaxies.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is a game from 2015 which, as I understand, started as a print-and-play experiment (still available) and was later published in a somewhat expanded version. It seems an interesting craft.

One of the components are seven dice with custom faces. This is exactly what origalea is about for letting me craft the dice as origamis, although I decided to use better icons instead of the very basic symbols in the official free version.

So I headed over to game-icons.net and selected six icons for the dice:

The end result is in this pdf, if you’re interested, which is CC-BY 3.0 by polettix.

They take a little time to fold and assemble, but you get used (instructions linked from origalea). As an added bonus, there’s one additional die, so it’s possible to ditch the worse of the lot!

Happy folding!

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