Coding (eventual) inconsistency


I know no trick to guarantee eventual consistency in coding.

I started coding a solitaire game some time ago, with its bag of overengineering and being diverted to other directions etc.

You know, the usual stuff.

Then, of course, I arrived at the point of re-writing this and re-shaping that because otherwise bad things might happen in a parallel universe, and then of course life called and the project was abandoned for a bit.

I mean, two or three weeks.

Coming back to the project, I sort of remember that I was in the middle of something (pieces are lying all around, it would be difficult to miss it) and I also sort of remember what I was doing, but looking at it I’m finding the whole thing both overcomplicated (surprise!) and probably best addressed starting over again.

What bothers me is that I already had tests for some of the moving parts.

Well, this is life… stay safe folks!

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