PlantUML starter


A starter graph that suits my needs.

Some days ago I had to draw a sequence diagram and my tool of choice is PlantUML. So there I went.

Only there’s always something that I want to do, that is disable the boxes at the bottom (foot boxes). This can be done by adding hide footbox at the beginning, and I go looking for this option every single time.

Last time, though, I figured that I had been smart enough to write about PlantUML, so I also included a starting example that was good for me, right?

No, but this ends here.

hide footbox
actor "Foo" as p1
participant Bar as p2
control "Some Control" as c1

p1 -> p2: one message
p2 -> c1: another message

Starting image

Start a new diagram from this example.

There you go, slacker past me… was this so difficult?!?

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