Validate::CodiceFiscale update


Validate::CodiceFiscale now supports place validation and decoding.

After coding the initial release of Validate::CodiceFiscale, it was clear that there was a big elephant in the room:

Places are required to be entered as official codes, but there is no validation that the specific code was active at the date of birth in the Codice Fiscale.

I can’t say that this went away completely, but I think we’re more or less in the right place, thanks to data I fetched from official/affordable sources (as reflected in the data license section).

There is some code in the repository to allow for easy maintenance as things evolve, e.g. with new releases of the data.

In addition to the validation part, which will hopefully work in most cases, the module also gets a new addition decode_cf, which returns the decoded data after validation, in case additional checks are needed. One such case would be comparing the place of birth with some possible variations of a specific name, like e.g. the name in another language instead of Italian.

One final remark: the one and only validator for this code is the Verifica codice fiscale di persona fisica o di soggetto diverso da persona fisica - everything else is just an approximation that can be useful to brush off some negative cases instead of asking the agency.

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