Generating "Example on Certificates"


Curious how the Docker image polettix/certificate-example, referred in Example on Certificates, was generated? I used dibs with a possibly overkill configuration file.

Local version here.

As anticipated, the dibsfile is possibly overkill, but it allows doing modifications and re-generation of images very, very quickly.

Additionally, the file is refactored so that the duplication of actions is very low. This adds to the complexity, but also to the readability in my very humble opinion.

To use it, remember that you have to pull the base_image first, i.e. alpine:3.8 in this case:

$ docker pull alpine:3.8

I tried with the newer alpine:3.9 but there seems to be issues compiling Net::SSLeay so I reverted to the previous release.

After you are done, put the file in a directory and name it dibs.yml, then create a src sub-directory according to what explained in dibs… and you should be all set. Hopefully there will be a full repository in some future, stay tuned!

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