Going Back on Alpine Linux 3.6


While writing another post, I stumbled upon a change in Alpine Linux 3.7 that forced me to go back to 3.6, or I couldn’t prove my point.

In previous post Intermediate CAs are hard! I promised to follow-up with an investigation of what goes wrong in the certificates chain. So I set up a Docker image in Example on Certificates to prove the point in a repeatable way, if anyone (read: most probably future me) is interested.

Fact is that what I had previously experienced - which also set me on the right path to the solution - didn’t happen in the Docker image I generated (which is still available for historical reasons, by the way, as polettix/certificate-example, tag 20200202-232014-29867).

So… an investigation inside the investigation! It turns out that moving from Alpine Linux 3.6 to 3.7, the installation of the OpenSSL package puts completely different configuration files in place, in a manner that the issue I wanted to show is not visible any more (still there, though!).

So… I reverted back to version 3.6, and generated the image that is available now on Docker Hub (currently available as polettix/certificate-example, tag 1.1.0).

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward!

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