EventSource example


An alternative example for the EventSource web service.

In previous post Fixing an example in Mojolicious I bragged about how fixing a small issue in an example makes me feel part of the community. By the way, I think you should participate in the community and brag about it too!

I was looking at that example because I was interested into the EventSource API for a small project involving a game, rolling some dice on the web and being able to play at a distance with physical stuff (apart from the dice, of course). Hopefully more on this in the future.

I modified the example in the Mojolicious Cookbook guide to fit my example, here’s the code:

I guess you know how to start it, so I won’t bother you here.

After the program is started, you can try it on the local host like this:

  • decide a name for your box, for example foo
  • point a couple of browser windows to - you should see that a number between 0 and 99 (included) is shown in both (the same number);
  • use another browser window, or a command line curl command, to trigger the generation of a new value using url - you should see it appear in both windows
  • open another browser window to - you should just see the last number that was generated in it

If you use bar instead of foo you will look into a different box… with a different sequence of numbers.

I know, I know… I should have used a POST and not a GET… but it’s a proof of concept!

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