App::Easer released on CPAN


App::Easer is now on CPAN.

So I eventually wrote some additional documentation for App-Easer, added a fair number of tests and eventually released it on CPAN. It’s available as App::Easer.

And, of course, the first release didn’t exactly go well: I got a lot of pushback from CPAN Testers. They were right, of course, because I forgot to indicate a couple of testing modules as required to do the testing (I had them as requirements for development). No big deal though, Milla is extemely friendly.

As indicated in the module, it’s still something that should be considered alpha. I mean, it works and does a lot of things, and it’s probably also supposed to be bundled with the actual application code, so there should be no big problems in some interface changing here and there. Moreover, so few people use my stuff that I’m solving an inexistent problem 😂

In particular I’m pondering on making configuration auto-leaves as a true value by default, so that a command is considered a leaf unless there’s an explicit indication that it has children. We’ll see.

In the meantime… stay safe!

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