Feature creeping in App::Easer


I added a feature into App::Easer.

Well, it had to happen.

Just after I resolved to start writing a tutorial for App::Easer (most probably in Markdown, remember?), I thought that it would be nice to let users also split their application into sub-modules.

I know… that’s what App::Cmd is for, isn’t it?!?

Well, yes and no. I still stand by my considerations laid out in past post App::Easer: I don’t particularly like how things MUST be structured, and there’s a hell lot of dependencies.

The approach here is more Mojolicious-like: you can start with something very limited and self-contained, with the option to grow and divide (part of the) stuff into modules as you go and like it.

So… I did it. The gist of it is in the new test 15-spec-from-hash-or-mod.t: set specfetch to +SpecFromHashOrModule, and modules will be searched in addition to sub-keys inside the commands hash in the application specification:

my $app = {
   configuration => {
      'auto-leaves' => 1,
      specfetch => '+SpecFromHashOrModule',

This means later that this list of children:

children => [qw< Foo bar >]

will trigger looking for Foo::spec, i.e. a spec function living in module Foo:

package Foo;
sub spec {
   return {
      help        => 'sub-command foo',
      description => 'first-level sub-command foo',
      supports    => ['foo', 'Foo'],
      options     => [
            getopt => 'hey|h=s',
      children        => ['Baz'],
      'default-child' => 'Baz',

The same applies to Baz here.

There’s no urge to call this spec, because the usual mechanism for executables is used, so this would do what you think:

children => [qw< Galook#the_specification_sub >]

It’s higly probably that some additional testing can help, we will see. In the meantime… stay safe!

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