Romeo - xxd


Romeo includes a stripped-down version of xxd.

In Fun with Romeo I introduced… Romeo, a little utility with a pot-pourry of commands that can be packed together in a portable bundle.

Among other little utilities, I also included a very minimal subset of the functionalities of xxd, a fantastic hex dumper that is distributed as an ancillary program with the editor Vim.

I only use it in good ol’ default mode, in plain mode and in reverse plain mode. So, for good measure, the xxd sub-command of Romeo only supports options -p/--plain and -r/--revert; all other stuff (mainly dealing with formatting) is intentionally left out to keep it very simple and… because I never use(d) them!

A minimal set of examples:

$ printf abcABC | romeo xxd
0000000: 6162 6341 4243                           abcABC

$ printf abcABC | romeo xxd -p

$ printf abcABC | romeo xxd -p | romeo xxd -rp

It’s meant as a low-level tool, hence it will treat all its input as a stream of octets and there’s no way of forcing an encoding. YMMV.

I hope you can have Fun with Romeo too, stay save!

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