Romeo is growing


Romeo is growing.

Well, maybe a bit too organically, but hey! It’s my commemoration of a cat, and I’m going to put whatever I want inside:

sub-commands for /home/poletti/bin/romeo
         blocky: Turn stuff into Unicode blocky stuff
                 (also as: blk)
             cf: validate Italian "Codice Fiscale"
                 (also as: codicefiscale, codice-fiscale)
          color: Colorize lines according to regular expressions
                 (also as: colorize)
      corkscrew: Corkscrew in Perl (
       csv2json: Turn a CSV into a JSON file
          frame: Put a frame around the input
          heail: head and tail a file
           hmac: calculate HMAC from several hashing algorithms
       json2csv: Turn a JSON into a CSV file
            pad: Pad input with whitespaces
           pass: generate a random password
                 (also as: password)
            png: Get PNG metadata from files
                 (also as: pngmeta, png-meta)
     same-width: Make all lines the same width (or at least try)
          slice: Slice input data and keep tasty samples
    slice-build: Slice input data and keep definitions for tasty samples
         teepee: Render Template::Perlish templates from JSON data
                 (also as: tp)
           time: Convert times depending on needs
      urldecode: url decode (or encode, depending on the name)
                 (also as: urlencode)
            xxd: hex dumper a-la xxd (shipped with the Vim editor)

It’s about 600 kB right now, which is fair. Maybe I could squeeze some additional docs out.

Lately it underwent a bit of refactoring, so a few features might be temporarily lost. I expect to be the only user, though, so it should not be a big deal.

And I truly need to write systematic tests so that I don’t have to write statements as the previous sentence, which is admittedly embarassing!

Stay safe!

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