Codeberg - signing up


My experience signing up with Codeberg.

Signing up with Codeberg SHOULD be a breeze, but it was not for me so I thought it better to share the experience.

The bottom line is: I was not receiving the email to confirm my address and my account. This meant that I was stuck in a limbo in which I could login, but do almost nothing (basically, only request to re-send the email for confirmation).

The bottom line was probably that I have an address in my own domain, and for some reasons this made the confirmation email disappear in a void somewhere. This was confirmed a bit later.

If anybody hits this kind of roadblocks, I’d suggest to head over to the Contacts page and use one of the suggested ways of getting in touch.

For me the magic channel was the Codeberg room in Matrix, but I don’t know if it dependend on the time or day I asked for help. Anyway the people there were very patient and supportive, which is possibly a much better start than the case that I didn’t have the problem in the first place.

Somebody probably touched the right knobs at a certain time, because I received all the emails at once… and managed to be onboarded. Yay!

Stay safe folks!

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