ETOOBUSY on Codeberg


I’ll probably move the blog in Codeberg Pages.

One good thing about GitHub Pages is that static sites can be pushed as [Markdown][] files and they provide the site generation out of the box.

Which, you know, means a lot for a blog that’s sub-titled minimal blogging for the impatient.

On the other hand, I’ve become fond of Codeberg Pages and I started playing with it. I mean, like keeping an alternative version of the blog at

Doing the full move will require to integrate a few more moving parts, most probably inside busypub (of ETOOBUSY automated publishing memory). It already takes care of part of the publishing… it can just as well care for the other part, possibly integrating with dokyll (of Jekyll with Docker memory).

Then of course I though about adopting a different static site generator… but Jekyll is very slick, served me well so far and don’t really see any compelling reason to switch.

Until the automation is in place, that will be dealt with manually. Which means that posts might appear later… but most probably sooner. So if you want a sneak peak anticipation, it might be the right place to consider!

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