Codeberg Pages


Some notes about Codeberg Pages.

I use GitHub Pages a lot, and it was just natural that I became interested into Codeberg Pages.

On the surface they offer the similar service of hosting static websites, which perfect for documentation and… this blog.

Scratching the surface, though, they’re very different services. Codeberg Pages is what probably was implemented initially in the other site: an opinionated way of providing static resources (HTML files, style sheets, images, etc.) in a Git repository, so that it can be exposed to the Internet.

GitHub Pages became much more, though, as it copes with automatically generate the static website using a host of generators, including Jekyll (that is used for this very blog).

The bottom line is that using Codeberg Pages means running the generator in our clients, populating/updating a specific branch in our repository (by default, pages) and pushing the whole thing.

If on one hand I became spoiled by the ease of use in GitHub Pages, it’s also an interesting thing to automate, and a wheel that will be fun to reinvent. So all in all… very good!

Stay safe!

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